The Linux Problem Solver Errata

If you find an error in LPS not listed here, please send it to - I'll investigate.

First printing:

page 5. The second comment in the inittab fragment should read
# runlevel 3 ..

page 6. Middle of page, sentence should read
The init.d scripts start, stop, and restart system services.

page 16. Top of page- there should be a backtick (`) to the left of the text describing command substitution.

page 16. Second paragraph, third line: The quotes are a little askew. The first set should read "'" and the second should be '"', all in a monospaced font.

page 21. Top paragraph, second line: should read
In the second line, ssh is the service, [..]

page 27. In Problem 7, there should be a couple of tabs between daemon.debug: and /var/log/daemon.

page 37. In step 1, Network firewalls should be in a monospaced font.

page 59. At the bottom. The word ypmatch is repeated in a list.

page 109. In Problem 51, the word chmod should be chown.

page 122. The command line near the bottom of the page is slightly mangled. It should read (all one line):

# gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dSAFER -sOutputFile=/dev/lp0 -r720x360 -sDEVICE=epson

All of the gs commands in this section should have -dSAFER; also, any gs command with the -dOutputDevice parameter should have that parameter changed to -dOutputFile.

page 157. Problem 75: the last line should read

LDFLAGS="-L/usr/X11R6/lib -Wl,-rpath=/usr/X11R6/lib" ./configure
(the original is missing a -, and has a period at the end)

page 168. Figure 7-1 is messed up. I forgot to turn tabs into spaces..

page 194. At the f option. Should read `standard input' instead of `standard output.'

page 214. First paragraph below the problem box. debugfs, not debgfs. Arrgh.

page 223. Under `Mail and News Readers,' drop the `the' before `Netscape.'

CDROM License. Basically, it's wrong. Should be GPL. I'll even include the source code when I revise the thing.

Other notes:

page 9. There is a point of contention about how many fields a crontab file has. I had no idea how incredibly sensitive people are about this until I wrote this. Some say six. Some say five, maintaining that the command to be executed is not in a field.
Well anyway, I say six.