HHL and VL are two components of a new development system targeted at handheld computers. HHL is the programming language and VL is a runtime environment.

Unlike traditional development for such devices, you do not cross-compile HHL code to a certain target platform. It borrows some ideas from the web server modules like PHP, where you embed programs right into a document. Therefore, the system is targeted for handheld applications where there's a lot of static text, and you occasionally tap on an item to change it. Here's a very simple sample program (which could be abbreviated in a number of ways):

<table c=2>
<c>Row Number</c><c>Rows Left</c>
  $n = 0;
  while ($i = rows_left()) {
    print "<c>";
    print $n;
    print "</c><c>";
    print $i;
    print "</c>";

The runtime system (VL) is cross-platform. The current version compiles to both PalmOS and Unix, and it's easy to add support for new platform.

One thing I don't have for the system yet is a name. Maybe you could suggest one.


Grab a release (v0.45, 24 Jun 2001). (Keep in mind that this is a fairly early release.)