Deutscher Kalender (German calendar)

One of the first things you do when you learn another language is learn the names of the months, yawn. So I did this in German, and I decided that it would also be neat to take a program by Andrew Rogers and Ole Arntzen and mess it all up. Basically, their original thing made a dodecahedron with a year's calendar on it, which you cut out, fold, and glue together and then place on your desk. I made three changes: first, I re-encoded the fonts so that there would be dots, because you kinda need that in German, I changed the month and day names into german (yeah, big deal, I know), and then I mutated the monthly display to be in the European style: week starts with Monday (not Sunday), and the day matrix is transposed (ie, the days go vertically instead of horizontally, and the weeks go horizontally instead of vertically). Since this actually might be of general use to Europeans other than German speakers, I left everything except the month names in English, and someone could change the month names to, say, French, or whatever. I guess this isn't a German-German calendar, anyway.. it's Austrian.