PostScript landscape generation code

I was really bored when I did this. Actually, it's not like I didn't have other stuff to do, but you know how it goes. Most landscape generation uses triangles and allocates huge arrays to get the job done. Since I did mine in PostScript, I thought that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to conserve memory. So, this thing uses a small matrix of squares and generates its land a sqaure at a time. Naturally, you have to save a few previously generated parts along the way, and I did, but kept them to a horizontal minimum. The algorithm that fills the squares in is nothing spectacular; it simply starts from the back and fills in a row at a time, not caring at all for the row behind it. Each of the tiny squares generated as a result is then broken into four triangles, and that's what's drawn. The water was added as an afterthought, and the code to figure out where to put it is mostly hooey (in particular, the stuff that decides if the middle of a tiny square is water is real trash). Anyway, I didn't put much time into this program, and I hope that no one takes it too seriously.